2013 Mural Painter

BuckhornFineArtFestival-2013-cy-sm-26Michele Van Maurik was commissioned for painting our inaugural mural in August 2013 at Buckhorn.

With a brush in each hand and two shades of green paint, Michele began painting the relish on a series of hamburger billboards in her father’s home studio at the early age of 6. It was learning the art of sign painting that would later lead to a successful career painting “ larger than life” advertising murals of the sides of buildings across Canada.

In recent years, Michele has primarily been focused on her own paintings; She enjoys workingmichelevanaurik in Oils and is also proficient in Pastels. Strong contrasts of light and shadow, the interplay of color and detail give a lifelike quality to her work. An understanding of composition and the use of edges in her brushwork gives the viewer a chance to see the world thru her eyes. Hiking up North or kayaking down a river in rural Ontario provide many subjects to capture onto canvas. An old abandoned truck in a field, provides inspiration for Van Maurik. “ I get immersed in the details of my paintings; I love to capture the texture of rust and peeling paint. I’m attracted to things which have a lot of character and imperfections.”

The opportunity to study extensively in New York with one of America’s top artist’s, Daniel Greene, was a dream come true for Van Maurik. “I feel so fortunate to have had such a wonderful teacher, who has not only mastered the art of painting, but teaching as well, and shares a lifetime of experience and knowledge with his students.”

Mural Painters website:    www.michelevanmaurik.com

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