Why Sponsor

The Past and Present

The Buckhorn Fine Art Festival (formerly the Buckhorn Wildlife Art Festival) has a time-honoured reputation for showcasing gallery-quality displays of fine art that appeal to a broad range of art enthusiasts and collectors. It has earned the distinction of being known as one of Ontario’s Top 100 Festivals for six years in a row.

The “Kawarthas Outdoor Gallery” will feature a dramatic themed collection of world-class outdoor murals strategically placed throughout Buckhorn and neighbouring communities in the Kawarthas. Plans are to develop the collection over the next several years through our community mural projects, mural festivals and community outreach collaborations.

Starting with the Buckhorn Community Centre grounds, Buckhorn, and Curve Lake, we envision a three tiered expansion to the neighbouring communities in the Kawarthas region, that could eventually include: Bridgenorth, Ennismore, Lakefield, Bobcaygeon, Fenelon Falls, Apsley, Lindsay (Kawartha Lakes), Peterborough, Kinmount, Kirkfield and Havelock.

The Regional Benefits

In an effort to broaden the Festival’s appeal and engage more communities, we are excited to introduce a new project that will leverage our past success and benefit the entire region; reaffirming the Kawartha Lakes region’s status as a leading destination for the arts, culture and natural heritage.

Transformational lead response solution
supports Regional Destination Development strategies ( Placemaking )
supports Local Revitalization & Beautification initiatives ( immediate Colourfull, Vibrant Visual Landmarks )
Unique iconic Art based Attraction ( Community Builder “Connecting the Dots” – Grows Organically )
Engages the Community
Pride of Ownership ( Community “We made That” )
Public Participation, Comments & Feedback ( Daily Interaction )
Annual or Bi-Annual Celebration of Arts, Culture & Heritage ( Flexible & Scalable )
Fosters Arts & Celebrates our Cultural Heritage
Invites Participation from Arts, Culture, Heritage, Educational, Studio Tours, Galleries & Community Groups
Local, Regional Arts, Culture, History and Heritage
Culturally Inclusive ( First Nations & French / Local, Provincial, National Participation )
Festival Atmosphere Encourages Broader and Inclusive Cultural Celebrations ( Art, Music, Dance )

Promotes tourism & encourages economic growth
Uniquely Regional, Provincial & Canadian Experience ( Branded & Exclusive Content )
Creates International Identity ( World Wide Mural Organizations )

Local Focused Initiatives, Supports Local Business Activity( Sponsorship, In-kind Participation )
Cross-Regional Promotional Links ( Interdependent – “A Rising Tide” – Roger Brooks Int’l )
Reinforces the Buy Local, Travel Local Mantra ( Local & Regional Marketplace )

Way Finding & GPS Tourism Affiliations ( International Community )
Green Initiative ( Emphasizes Public Transportation – Groups, Cycling, Walking, Boating & Busing – Community Tours )
Supports & Enhances Existing Tourism Connection Placements ( Provincial Parks / Trent Severn Waterway )
Local & Regional Investment ( Private, Public, Individual, Municipal, Provincial & Federal Participation )
World-Class Assets & opportunity
Mural Collection – Permanent Community Asset ( Fundraising – Turnover )
Mural Collection & Festival Programs ( 2 – 5 – 10+ Year Strategies – Key for Investment – Flexible, Potable, scalable & Timely )
Brand Ownership & Trademark Retention ( Artistic Oversight – Quality Control – Creative Direction )
Sponsorship & Partnering Opportunities ( Pride of Ownership – Community Connected – “Landmarks” )

Projected media coverage

Annual Regional Tourism 3,600,000

Total Media Impressions 12,000,000 ( Estimated )

Television 4,000,000
Print 2,000,000
Radio 6,000,000

Join the Celebration

On behalf of The Buckhorn Fine Art Festival, we invite you to participate in this special sponsorship opportunity, and join the celebration. Enjoy the benefits of access to significant media coverage on a local and regional level with approximately 12,000,000 impressions and with the future “Kawarthas Outdoor Gallery” expansion plans, access to an estimated annual tourism traffic of 3,600,000.

Contact us as soon as possible to discuss your interest in sponsorship and participation in the new “Kawarthas Outdoor Gallery”.

Contact Information

For more information and/or sponsorship opportunities,
e-mail: kawarthasoutdoorgallery@gmail.com (toll free 1-877-300-9766)
or visit the website at www.kawarthasoutdoorgallery.ca